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Residents were asked to propose projects from seven disciplines — art, photography, fashion, music, theater, language, and dance — which would then be staged in seven vacant storefronts throughout the town for an entire summer.

single pritzwalk

Despite some initial skepticism, residents submitted 72 proposals, most of which were put into action. Happily, the revitalizing effects single pritzwalk their efforts persisted beyond the summer. The people of Pritzwalk showed spirit and determination, making the town more attractive and, in the process, becoming more tightly knit as a community.

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They even founded an art single pritzwalk for good measure. This time we want to invite you to create your own exhibition — and transform your town in the process.

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We want to work together with you to create an impressive portrait of Pritzwalk, one that shows both its inhabitants and those well beyond its boundaries how lively and creative this place is. But we believe that even a town whose population is in decline and single pritzwalk young people are moving away possesses, besides the usual fears and doubts, deep reserves of imagination and optimism. If the people of Pritzwalk single pritzwalk together they can revitalize their community.

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The portrait of Pritzwalk is designed to bring this creative energy to the fore. What you can do?

  • The Seven Arts Of Pritzwalk
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Fill out the questionnaire on the back and tell us how the seven vacant storefronts should be single pritzwalk for the duration of the summer. You can also complete the questionnaire online at our website www.

Each storefront will be devoted to a single discipline. Every suggestion, every impulse, helps.

single pritzwalk

We are not single pritzwalk jury and we do not award points. This is about creating a self-portrait of your town.

single pritzwalk

The Seven Arts of Pritzwalk project will be as new to us as it is to you. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and send many warm greetings.

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